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About Munford High School

5 months ago

Munford High School

300 Cedars Road

Munford, AL 36268

Enrollment: 540

Character, Class, & Pride!

Mission Statement  

Our mission at Munford High School is to increase rigorous and authentic student engagement so that our students are prepared for college/career and real-world challenges.


Core Purpose

Our Core purpose at Munford High School is to provide a challenging, rigorous curriculum empowering all students to be successful in the 21st century.

School Goal

Increase Active and Authentic Student Engagement Through Strategic Teaching and embedded Formative Assessment!

School Motto

Character, Class, Pride!

School Colors

Red, White and Gray

School Mascot


Alma Mater

On the mountains southern border straight against the sky;
proudly stands our alma mater as the years go by.
Forward ever be our watch word; conquer and prevail;
Hail, to thee our alma mater, MHS all hail!

MHS Pre AP & AP College Prep Courses

5 months ago

-Preparing you for the next level-

Click the apple to view assignments, the course syllabus for each course, etc. 

Please see video to learn more about Munford Schools partnership with the US Forest Service – a collaborative movement where “No Child Stays Inside”

5 months ago

By Tim Young


Munford high school & Us forest service partnership

Munford Montane Longleaf Children’s Forest

Please click the US Forest logo to see pictures and read more about our partnership!